Whoever heard of a Zoom wedding before COVID19?

Whoever heard of a Zoom wedding before COVID19?


They say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

For example, whoever heard of a Zoom wedding before COVID19?

Every generation is shaped by the events, social trends and technology of its time.

No doubt COVID19 will leave an indelible impact on the generations coming of age during this time.

Did you know the average marrying age in Australia is 32.3 for men and 30.5 years for women?

You did?

But – did you know what generation they are part of?

I’ll give you a hint, they come after Generation X.

If you said Generation Y, you are correct, and if you said Millennials, you are also correct!

They are also the most married generation alive – 69%, followed by Gen X – 66%.

One way to look at the generations is this –

Baby-Boomers = Post War babies.

Generation X = Cold War babies

Millennials = No War babies

Generation Z = No limits babies – thanks to technology they have a fluid and far more integrated view of the world.

The future is Gen Z, or the “Digital Natives” as they are also known.

The oldest of this generation is now 24 and will be heading down the aisle in the coming years.

What do you know about the Gen Z babies?

Stick around. This month we will explore the generations –

their language and slang, their identity-defining events, their aspirations and motivations.