Tax Return Time again- Invest in YOU!

Tax Return Time again- Invest in YOU!


Helping couples have the time of their lives can have some unexpected challenges.

Right now its Tax Return time.

At this time weddings in most states can now have 100 guests (sorry VIC


  it will happen).

Is now a good time to get your CHC41015 – Certificate IV in Celebrancy through Face-to-face Zoom in time for the anticipated wedding BOOM?

Why not use your Tax Return to leverage yourself into a new career as a Marriage Celebrant?

Or – you may be like many of our students who are doing the course with a view to marry their friends or a family member.

Now is a great time to prepare to do either.

We all hope that in a few months couples can celebrate their love as they want to, with all their friends and family present.

Will you be ready?

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At Rose Training we are here to help you learn what it takes to become a Marriage Celebrant – including all the Plan Bs that make the day unsinkable!

Yes… it happens. But your training will prepare you for anything!

This month we are sharing our best Celebrancy success secrets.

What are those “secrets”?

The things that make a Celebrant’s job look effortless and amazing don’t just happen like a swan gliding across a lake – it is all the action happening under the water that makes it look so easy when its not.

  • Knowing where to advertise to maintain a steady stream of clients.
  • Knowing the three questions you must ask each couple before you commit to them.
  • Knowing how to package your services to accommodate most budgets?
  • Find out the real reason some wedding venues won’t return your calls.
  • Know the #1 place to market yourself and how to be ready when the enquiries come.
  • Know how to choreograph the ceremony and make magic!
  • Know how to work in with the photographer and venue staff.
  • Know all your plan Bs and have them ready to go at a moments notice.
  • Know how to be the first to get paid before the clients’ credit card is maxed.

These are a few of the things that you learn along the way when studying Marriage Celebrancy with Rose Training.

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