STORIES OF LOVE & ROMANCE 5: A Love Forged in Revolution


The most celebrated love stories often unfold against the backdrop of extraordinary circumstances. The tale of one of the USA’s founding couples, John and Abigail Adams is no exception. Their love story is a testament to resilience, intellect, and the unwavering support that fueled the birth of a nation.

How it All Began


John Adams and Abigail Smith first crossed paths in the bustling Massachusetts town of Braintree (now Quincy – John’s middle name).

They didn’t connect romantically straight away however they did lock into each other intellectually and emotionally. United by a shared love for literature and education, John and Abigail discovered a rare compatibility that would lay the foundation for a lifetime of devotion.

As their mental and emotional connection became physical and romantic connection, and they bonded as a couple, their love and devotion was to be tested by distance and the tumultuous events of the American Revolution.

John Adams found himself in the throes of history, deeply involved in creating a new nation. Abigail remained in Braintree, managing the family farm and raising their children.

Equal Admiration in a Time of Inequality


What set the Adams’ love story apart was their correspondence. Their letters, filled with intellect, passion, and a profound understanding of the times, provide a window into their souls. Abigail’s letters to John were not merely love notes but reflections on politics, philosophy, and the challenges of their era. John valued Abigail as his partner not just in raising a family but in his decisions that would affect America and, consequently, the world.

Abigail was not a passive observer, and John would not have wanted that. She was John’s confidante and advisor. Her insights into political matters were valued and crucial in shaping John’s perspectives. In one of her most famous letters, Abigail implored John to “remember the ladies” when drafting the laws of the new nation, hinting at the need for women’s rights.

Trials and Separations



The Adams’ love endured trials that would break weaker bonds. John’s political service often meant long periods of separation. Yet, their correspondence sustained them, providing a lifeline that transcended physical distance. Abigail’s letters became a source of solace and inspiration for John during challenging times.

Legacy of Love

Their partnership continued through John’s presidency and beyond. Abigail Adams is remembered not just as the wife of a Founding Father but as a formidable intellect in her own right. She was, you could say, a “Founding Mother”. John’s legacy is Abigail’s legacy and that legacy remains a testament to a love that flourished amid the chaos of revolution.

The story of John and Abigail Adams is more than a historical footnote; it’s a narrative of love’s power to endure and transform, even in the midst of revolution.

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