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Today’s blog is an excerpt from the book “Public Speaking for Celebrants: Mastering the Art” by Rose Training – out soon.

Firstly, let’s consider that word “public”. It’s often that hyper-focus on “public” that gets people nervous. That’s the scary word in the term. In truth it’s the second word in the title that should be the primary focus – “speaker”. If you can carry a conversation with a couple of people and keep it interesting, you have the ability to speak well publicly. If you can speak with a couple who are marrying, parents deciding to celebrate with a baby naming ceremony or a grieving family member organising a funeral, you can be a great public speaker.

Secondly, let’s make sure we understand the “why”.

Why does a celebrant need to be a good public speaker? There may be some who don’t see the essentiality of good public speaking skills and the value of excellent ones. Who would think that I’m not sure but they’re out there.

Then there are some who are foundationally decent public speakers but who haven’t yet released the lock to their true potential. They haven’t been able to elevate from “okay” to “good” to “wow!”

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Whatever the case, public speaking is one of the tools that every celebrant needs in their toolbox. Without it, you may as well give up the trade.

Why are Public Speaking Skills Essential for a Celebrant?

Because at the heart of your role as a celebrant is the ability to communicate effectively, with sensitivity and compassion and to help your clients feel seen, heard, and supported. We’re not just talking about the process leading up to the big day. That’s important of course however it’s on the big day, in front of family and friends, when the wider impression is made. A good impression in that moment is not just great for the occasion, but for your career. There are potential clients or connections to potential clients in every audience.

That’s the preamble done! Let’s break down the reasons why public speaking skills are crucial for you, the celebrant:

To Connect with Your Audience

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You are there not just as an officiator, but to help the clients and the guests through an emotional occasion. Whether that’s at a wedding, a funeral or a baby blessing. You don’t just draw emotion with words; emotive language requires emotive tone, body language, inflection and more, to truly reach the hearts of those listening.

When you speak publicly, you have the opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level, beyond the words you say. Your tone and body language present an overall presence that can convey important messages. More on this soon.

A great celebrant isn’t just trying to be understood, but is also making the clients and guests feel understood as well.

To Build Trust and Rapport

People want to work with celebrants who they can trust and feel comfortable with. If you can communicate your message clearly and confidently, you will build rapport with your clients. Effective public speaking skills can help you build trust and credibility with your audience.

To Share Your Message Clearly

As a celebrant, you have an important message to share with your audience. You might be officiating a wedding or perhaps conducting a funeral, and you will need to be able to convey your message with clarity, coherence, and sensitivity. Public speaking skills can help you organise your thoughts, structure your speech, and deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience.

To Handle Unexpected Situations

No matter how well you plan, unexpected situations can arise during ceremonies. A celebrant with strong public speaking skills can handle unexpected situations with ease, adapting to changes in the moment and keeping the ceremony on track. When you can communicate effectively under pressure, you can ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly, leaving a positive and lasting impression on your audience.

To Inspire and Motivate Your Audience

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As a celebrant, you have the power to inspire and motivate your audience to take action, make positive changes in their lives, and create meaningful memories. When you speak with confidence and conviction, you can motivate your audience to act on their emotions, transforming a ceremony into a powerful and life-changing experience.

To Secure More Clients

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Any time you speak, sitting in your audience, are potential clients. Or if not clients themselves, people who know people who you could be referred to.  They aren’t going to approach you or refer you if your public speaking skills are below par and they are far more likely to approach or refer you to their friends if your skills “wow” them!

You are your own advertisement. You are a walking talking billboard for your services.

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At the end of the day, of most importance is ensuring you are connecting with your clients and helping them to feel comfortable with the processes. Enhanced public speaking skills are essential for anyone who wants to become an excellent celebrant who wants to take it to the next level and ensure direct clients and also every guest feels connected by building trust and rapport, inspiring and motivating and much more.

Make mastering the art of public speaking a goal and you will become a more effective and impactful celebrant. You will be able to create meaningful and memorable ceremonies as you help people to honour life’s most significant moments.


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