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Imagine this: a joyful, loved up couple, radiating eager anticipation, surrounded by their closest friends and family, all gathered intimately in a massive hall with opulent decorations that would make Liv Taylor blush – no wait… scratch that. They are gathered in a small backyard at their parent’s house. Yip. Standing before the couple is a qualified wedding celebrant ready to guide them through the exchanging of vows under a canopy of fairy lights.

No extravagant ballrooms or towering expensive wedding cakes, just an intimate celebration of love. This the era of cheap and quick weddings; courtesy of inflation, electricity bills, interest rate rises and other wallet smacking concerns. Many couples are embracing the trend that offers simplicity and affordability, while still including all the essential elements, including fun, that help to make their wedding day special.

So what are some good reasons for this trend?

Money Money Money

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Let’s face it, weddings can be ridiculously expensive. From the jaw-dropping venue prices to the ostentatious flower arrangements that double or even triple in price once the words “for our wedding” are uttered. It’s too easy for the cost to spiral out of control faster than Usain Bolt after eating bad chilli. Couples are now saying, “No thanks!” to breaking the bank for just one day and opting for cheaper alternatives that leave them with a few extra bucks for their mortgage, baby needs, travel or whatever expenses they foresee in their future together.

I Want to Break Free

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The days of adhering to traditional wedding norms are fading faster than a bouquet toss. Couples are embracing their individuality and ditching the cookie-cutter wedding playbook. Instead of conforming to society’s expectations, they’re crafting weddings that reflect their unique personalities. Whether it’s exchanging vows on a mountaintop or wearing matching Star Wars-themed outfits, the only rule is that there are no rules!

Okay there’s one rule – you need a qualified celebrant.

Time After Time

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In a world where time is a precious commodity, couples are realising that elaborate, year-long (or even years-long in some cases,) wedding planning can zap their energy faster than Aunty Gwen downing her fifth glass of champers. Enter the quick, cheap but never nasty (unless that’s your thing,) wedding phenomenon. By streamlining the planning process, couples can focus on what truly matters: their love for and dedication to each other. Plus, a good spontaneous celebration is often less stressful.

What a Wonderful World

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Mother Earth is cheering from the seats as couples turn towards more eco-conscious weddings. Downsizing the guest list and simplifying the ceremony reduces waste and minimises environmental stress. The embracing of minimalist decor, opting for locally sourced cuisine, and favouring sustainable materials, couples are saying, “I do” to a greener, cleaner celebration. Saving the planet and saying vows? Now that’s what we call a power couple!

From Little Things Big Things Grow

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While in some cultures, the “everyone is invited” concept remains strong, for many, gone are the days of inviting your long-lost great uncle’s next-door neighbour’s dog to your wedding. Couples are embracing intimate celebrations, surrounded by their absolute nearest and dearest. When the guest list is narrowed down to those who truly matter, couples can focus on their most meaningful connections to create lifetime memories.

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As the trend towards cheap and quick weddings continues to gain in popularity, couples are redefining what it means to tie the knot. By prioritising simplicity, affordability, and individuality, couples are embracing a new era of weddings that are as unique as their personal stories.

Maybe you do want to go large and fancy – that’s cool – go for it! That’s your prerogative. But whether you opt for a backyard BBQ, a gathering at a local park, a spontaneous elopement on a beach in Bali or a big, fat ornate affair with all the trimmings, bells, whistles and kitchen sinks, remember that love doesn’t need a fancy price tag to sparkle and shine.

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