Love Is Like A Can Of Beans

Love Is Like A Can Of Beans

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One of the best things about watching a romantic film or reading a romance novel is the escapism that it affords us. It is an opportunity to step away from reality and dwell within a fictional world where the fantasy is a sumptuous feast that we get to partake of before going back to our reality which, (and bear with me on this,) I reckon is metaphorically a can of kidney beans.

A fantastical delectable feast seems to taste pretty damned good, but it is non-caloric. There is no sustenance – because it is imaginary. Those beans on the other hand, as dull as they seem compared to the imaginary royal banquet, are actually a provider of great nourishment. The common and “boring” bean is a vitally important food crop and major source of protein for much of the world. In fact it’s the world’s main non-meat protein source.

They are high in dietary fibre.

They are high in prebiotics for digestive health.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals including folate, iron, manganese and more.

Like the beans a good relationship is one that cares for the health and wellbeing, (mental, physical and emotional,) of each person within it.

And here’s another thing about beans: they are not as boring as they first appear to be. Just as relationships come in many varieties; so do beans. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. You can find yourself white, black, cream, red, red speckled, purple, spotted, striped, mottled…

A good relationship is happy to chill out on the couch together, in front of the TV, enjoying a favourite show (a simple beans and onions bowl with some salt and cracked pepper,) or go all out, get dressed up and hit the town (mash those beans with some spices, onion and bacon, spread it into a tortilla and roll it all up with some capsicum and tomato before topping it with some guacamole, sour cream, cheese and salsa).

The warning with beans is also metaphorically apt. They can be toxic when improperly cooked.

Relationships are like a can of beans.

They need adequate preparation and care. They can be both boring and exciting. Sometimes the “boringness” of a relationship is perfectly okay as long as you are willing to go the extra mile every so often. In fact, over-romanticising a relationship and expecting grand gestures from dusk to dawn (spending hours preparing grand feasts every day,) can be even more debilitating and zapping of mental energy than finding simple ways to enjoy the beautiful normality of life. But of course finding your couch groove night after night and never getting adventurous with your relationship can also cause it to stifle.

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