By Nate Hamon for Rose Training Australia

Are the high societal, classy stylings of Bridgerton, Jane Austen screen adaptations and other classically themed, circa-Regency era shows influencing modern weddings? It’s definitely influencing a growing number of couples who wish to escape into a time so far removed from our current world where tiny screens connect a big fat planet that it almost seems fantastical.

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It may not be that every couple is looking to go super excessive but there is so much inspiration within the romance of the 19th century to pick from that even small elements can really add some real classiness to the big day.

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You could of course hire the type of wedding venue that lends itself perfectly to a massive recreation of the Bridgerton world but there are smaller, less expensive touches that bring that world to life.

You could arrive in a horse and carriage. Okay there’s a little expense in that but what a romantic entry.

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Perhaps for the reception you could provide an afternoon tea where the guests enter through regency blue flowered archways and are met with a string quartet performing pop songs with a classical twist.

On display could be tiered platters with finger sandwiches (cucumber, egg, coronation chicken, salmon…) brioche sliders, scones with cream and jam, and petite, delectable, colourful cakes.

Many registered wedding celebrants are more than happy to dress in attire for a themed occasion. The right celebrant can help you to find poetry or other readings ideal to the theme.

You could use personalised wax seals on your invites.

Look to any season of Bridgerton, to a Jane Austen or Bronte sister adaptation or even Downtown Abbey if you want to go for a slightly later but still regal time to find wedding outfit inspiration. Maybe it’s a tuxedo complete with top hat. Maybe it’s a modern empire waist dress.


Flower arrangements are something to consider. In the 19th century flowers were the obvious choice for beautifying a venue with vibrancy.

As place-cards or as part of any part favours you could create handwritten notes for each of the guests. It may take some effort but they didn’t have the same ability to simply type and print as we do now so such an effort would be well valued by guests.

Use non-electric or battery powered lighting if possible. If naked flames, as flattering as they, are out of the question, you can find fake candles and lamps that still give off that soft, warm and sensual vibe.

Whatever tickles your wedding fancy, whether it’s a classically themed day or food trucks and beer carts, you’ll need a good wedding celebrant to help bring it all together.

Do you or someone you know consider that becoming a wedding celebrant might just be the ideal job? If nothing else, it’s a fun and satisfying occupation. Talk to one of our team here at Rose Training Australia. We qualify more celebrants than any other school in Australia and would love to help you.