How Will You Tell Their Story?

How Will You Tell Their Story?


The point of writing for a Wedding ceremony is to cast a spell.

Well chosen words can paint mental canvases with fruit bowls of colour, symphonies of sound, and cause forgotten aromas to pass gently through the air.

The story of JK Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter, has become the stuff of legends.

She was a single mother living on government benefits who literally wrote herself into history as one of the most successful authors of all time.  Today, she ensures that she avoids becoming a billionaire by giving away fortunes to charity.

You could say she cast a spell on all of us with the power of her imagination and the words she choose to immerse us in a fantastical world of her making.

Great Weddings are often long remembered for the way they made us all feel.  We might not remember all the words but we remember the feeling they left us with.

Imagine you have been asked to help write the couple’s vows or to script their wedding ceremony. Perhaps you’ve done this before or will be doing it soon.

How will you tell their story?

A slow burning romance that erupted into flames after years of bumping into each other at the water cooler?

A whirlwind passionate dash to the wedding chapel?

Or, was it – “we met online, only to discover we grew up around the corner from each other”?

Every couple is different – but the journey that has many twists and turns before heading to the altar is one.

They meet, they fall in love, they fall out of love, they can’t live with each other, they can’t live without each other, etc…  

As a Marriage Celebrant – listening to the details, asking for the details, noticing the difference in the details as they individually share with you, is all part of setting up the wedding ceremony to be the greatest story ever told – again, and again, and again!

This month Dr. Melanie Myers will share with our new students her winning formula for writing the couple’s story into the wedding ceremony – ensuring tears, laughter, and hopefully – happy ever after!

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