Do you enjoy games? Are they usually solo games on your phone or game console? One of the best ways to keep the fires of romance burning is to have fun with your partner. One of the best ways to have fun is to play games.

So let’s get that flame burning hot with 8 games for couples.

  1. Truth or Dare

An oldie but a goodie. Normally when you think of truth or dare you think of a bunch of teenagers “gettin’ giggly wit it” but this can be a lot of fun with just 2 players.

The questions can be deeply personal, sometimes embarrassing or just superficial but funny.

 The dares? Well that depends how brave you are.

  1. Poker

Staring into each other’s eyes and trying not to give away your hand with a “tell” can be a great way to challenge each other on how well you know each other.

Add in the mind games and bluffing, throw in some tasty snacks and drinks and you’ve got yourself a really fun and cheap date. You could even turn up the heat with some sexy bets.

  1. Table Topics – for Couples

The popular “pull a card and discuss the topic” card game is popular amongst dinner party goers. You can get a version that is designed just for couples. It is designed to encourage deep and meaningful conversations. For those who are parents it can help you to get out of that cycle of talking about your kids when the evening is meant to be all about the 2 of you.

  1. This or That

You can buy a version of this game, create one yourself or simply think and then ask “off the cuff”. In this game, one of the partners asks a question with 2 choices. For example “tea or coffee?” “cats or dogs” “mousse or jelly?” The person answering needs to choose either of the two as quickly as possible. It tests instincts and forces each other to be decisive.

  1. Trivia

Trivia is a classic, easy to set up game and can be designed to suit the couple. Grab a set of cards from a Trivial Pursuit game, play the game in all it’s glory, find an app or look for an online list of quiz-tastic questions.

  1. 21 Questions

Another easy set up. This one requires no equipment, cards, or space. You can sit on the Lazy-boys and play this. Or lay on the couch in each other’s arms. The partners take turns asking each other yes or no questions that will hopefully lead them to figuring out the word that the other is thinking of. 21 is the number of questions that can be asked before the thinker of the word wins that round. So let’s say I’m thinking of the word “monkey” (the game works best with nouns).

“Is it a person?”


“Is it a place?”


“Is it an animal?”


“Is it a reptile?”


  1. UNO

Uno is the type of card game that can be played while a secondary conversation is being had as it doesn’t require intense concentration. It’s fun and simple to play and can be bought for a few bucks at most department stores or even supermarkets.

  1. Strip or Kiss Scrabble

This is as simple, fun and sexy as it sounds. Decide on a number of points that can be scored that will result in an action needed to be taken. For example, 20 points = a kiss. 40 points = removal of an item of clothing. You could have consequences for individual word scores or as scores accrue.

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