Frequently Asked Questions

The Key FAQs for potential Marriage Celebrants?

Celebrant: A person who, normally for a fee, performs and officiates formal ceremonies, and whilst commonly seen at weddings they can also be paid to conduct other events such as renewals, baby naming and funeral services.

Approximately how many weddings are performed in Australia each year?

Normally about 117,000. However, with the multiple cancellations over the last few years, 2022-2023 and possibly into 2024 will see marriage ceremonies reaching as high as 160,000 per year as the country plays “catch up”.

What does the average wedding cost?

About $33,000 – that makes weddings an industry worth over three billion dollars!

What are the average fees charged by a Marriage Celebrant?

About $720. It can range from a low of around $400 to a high of about $1,500.

As a Marriage Celebrant, what should be my average expenses per wedding?

We estimate $100

When I am a Marriage Celebrant, how many weddings will I be allowed to perform?

As many as you can schedule.

How many weddings do top ranking Marriage Celebrants perform?

We know Celebrants that perform 10 or more weddings a month.

How do I become a successful Marriage Celebrant?

1. You will have a marketing and sales process which includes great social media content and a well-designed website. We can help you build your online presence including building you a website!
2. You go to each ceremony fully prepared
3. You are flexible and imaginative
4. You have a great combination of poise and prose
5. You love what you do

Can I offer other wedding services in addition to celebrancy?

Yes, these may include being the emcee or entertainment or you could be a Wedding Planner. You may even have a venue to offer. Be sure to check the Attorney-General’s Department guidelines on this.

Can I be the Marriage Celebrant for family members?

Definitely yes – you may want to adjust your fees to stay on their good side!

Do marriages have to be officiated by a registered Marriage Celebrant?

Marriages must be performed by a registered Marriage Celebrant or a registered minister of a recognised religion.

What other celebrancy opportunities are there?

Funeral celebrancy, baby naming ceremonies, vow renewals and any celebration event.

How much do I need to invest to get my business started?

As little as $5,000.  This includes training fees plus registration and a P.A. system.

What is my return on investment?

At just one wedding a week at a fee of $750 it would take less than 2 months to pay your investment back.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Yes – talk to us

How long would it take to get up and running as a registered Marriage Celebrant?

As little as 6 months.  We give you 12 months but if you really pushed your studies, you could get that down to 3 months. After that there can be about a 3 month wait from registration application to the issuance of your registration. So if you start now and knuckle down on the study, you could be performing weddings in half a year!