Colour your wedding



You’re getting married soon, or you’ve been asked to help with wedding plans or maybe you’re a marriage celebrant who is often asked for advice because your “finger’s on the pulse”? Here’s something to consider, colour! Call this a trend or call it an awakening but many weddings are starting to incorporate a lot more colour into the day than ever before when traditional white trumped all. There is something ethereal about a mostly white décor it’s true but for those who drew their dream wedding with every crayon from the box, here are 10 literally colourful ideas for the big day.


Are they kiddy-ish? Are they gaudy? Are they too closely associated with birthdays, clowns and/or circuses? Maybe you want to release the inner child and allow others the opportunity to do the same. Heck, why not go whole hog and have a balloon artist making flowers for the guest?

I Can Taste a Rainbow

By tradition wedding cakes are white. White symbolises purity. That’s still a nice thought and it’s a beautiful look but you may very well be the type of person that suits a rainbow cake. Or that a rainbow cake suits. You could layer the cake as a rainbow and ice it white so that it’s a surprise or go for gold, (and red and green and blue and purple and…) with colourful icing and cake decorations.

Eat the Rainbow

Speaking of food, did you know that it’s not actually a pot of gold that can be found at the end of the rainbow? It’s a shaved ice cart, a fairy floss machine and a flamboyant range of macarons.

Even Party Poopers Love Party Poppers

Instead of rice have the guests pop prismatic party poppers while you prance like a princess and prince or prince and prince down the aisle.

A Splash Here and a Splash of Colour There

You don’t need to go all out to level up the wedding with colour. Use some simple touch ups like colourful table décor, ribbons around trees or marquee posts, colourful napkins etc.

You’ve Got the Flower

Flowers on the tables, at the entry, behind the marriage celebrant, in your hair, in your teeth as you dance the Argentine tango like you’re in a bad romantic movie. You could have a flower archway created. Flowers come in colours from across the spectrum. Even the flower of romance, the rose comes in everything from purple to peach to orange. Plus, flowers are symbolic of so many things and so the right arrangement can tell your story. Flowers are nature’s gift to your wedding.

Colourful Invitations

No need to be solemn. It’s not a funeral. Mind you, funerals are becoming more thematically colourful too! Make your wedding invites as colourful as you are.

Neon Love

You know what looks awesome as a backdrop in pics? Neon signs!

Lovely Looking Lanterns Lightly Luminate

Lanterns are romantic without even trying too hard. Imagine lanterns in different colours along the walkways. That’s a gorgeous scene.

You can also hang them from the ceilings.

Colour Me Beautiful

Wedding dresses, suits, ties, pants, shoes – all options for adding colour. It’s your wedding, have fun.

So, there you go. Whether you want to wrap your wedding in a rainbow or sprinkle it with a little confetti there is always room for colour in the room where 2 lovers say “I do”.

If you love weddings and would love to become a vital part of these important occasions, perhaps marriage celebrancy is a perfect step for you. Talk to us now about how you can become a qualified Marriage Celebrant.